Music Video and Lyrics of ID; Peace B by BoA

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Lyrics of ID; Peace B

 Sae sang moo suh oon guhl 

Ah moo guht do mo reun da go mahl hae gaet jwoh 
Jeul guh oom man chaht neun dah go 
Ga sang hyun shil sok ae 
Eui mi up neun sang ja sok ae gaht chuh suh 
Sahl ah ga ji mahl la (goh) 
Heul luh nae rin mool eun juhl ddae 
Da shi ohl la gahl soo up neun guht 
Na reul ee hae hal soo up gaet jwoh 
*Nan nae sae sang eet jwoh 
Peace B is my network ID 
Oo rin dahl lah yo 
Gahl soo up neun sae gae neun up jwoh 
Ha na roh dahm geen sae sang 
Connecting in my neverland 
Choo ka choo ka choo 
Ee jaen muhm chool soo ga up suh yo 
Boh yuh ji neun guh shi 
Nah yae jun boo ra go mahl do ha shi gaet jwoh 
Geu gae da ga ah neen dae do 
Oo ri man ae uh nuh 
Oo ri man ae pyo hyun deul lo ga deuk chan 
Oo ri man ae sae sang 
Geu sok ae na wah ga teun 
Ggoom uhl ggoo neun chin goo gah eet jwoh 
Pyung hwa ro eun sae gae sok ae suh 
Repeat * 
Suh ro mahn hee da reun guht doh 
Ee sang hal ggae up jwoh 
Sae dae cha ee bboon een guhl 
Geu gae mwoh ga uh ddun ga yo 
Yae jun boo tuh woo rin mo doo ha na in guhl 
Na reul mee duh bo sae yo 
Geu sok ae na wah ga teun 
Ggoom uhl ggoo neun chin goo gah eet jwoh 
Pyung hwa ro eun sae gae sok ae suh 
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Social Media Comments on ID; Peace B

1 year ago
RitaPortugirl♥ says:
ahahaha, so cute! "a, e, i, o, u" 0:13
2 years ago
Mina Boom says:
The Queen. Love you BoA
2 years ago
Inoyification says:
15 years old BoA Jjang, So fresh,Young and.....Petit. :D Saranghae BoA Jjang..<3
2 years ago
Emily Chung says:
Came here to watch her debut video, when i found out it was her 12th anniversary <3 CONGRATULATIONS !
2 years ago
vanillatwilight83 says:
surprised how her voice sounded EXACTLY the same back then as it does now O__O
1 year ago
eris13al says:
how old is she here?
1 year ago
taeminnie taemint says:
BoA is so great, love her >.<
1 year ago
limitedarea03 says:
우리 보식이 이 때는 진짜 애기였는데♡
2 years ago
Dynne Eru says:
I love how she didn't debut with a cute concept.
1 year ago
Andrea Letamendi says:
2013 here! OMG! Boa is so pure here!
1 year ago
권 ルーカス says:
#13oA #BoA13thAnniv DIVA, Queen ♥! *--*
1 year ago
rosa perez. espana says:
The Queen*-*
1 year ago
PonayAvenger says:
Damn it! sment videos are going all messed up these days. Fix it SM! Please!
1 year ago
LelouchCG says:
Actually BoA was 13 or 11 or 12 at that time
2 years ago
Hannah Stranex says:
Hard to believe she's only 13 in this video, she's very professional.
2 years ago
nina13th says:
she was so young while going through all of this. I think people who hate on her deserve a big slap across their face to wake up. she's so strong and I really admire her to no end.
1 year ago
권 ルーカス says:
#13oA #BoA13thAnniv DIVA, Queen ♥! *--*
2 years ago
kTuNxFaiRy says:
Her laugh is just the same even after 12 years have passed wowow ^^
2 years ago
MrMelody24 says:
thats mean asian age limit between 14 years old to be a singer is BOA not justin bieber.justin bieber is hoobae
1 year ago
T2Moonsubteam says:
she still number 1
2 years ago
Helen Kay says:
August 25, 2000
2 years ago
BiruraxD says:
I hope BoA unnie is proud of herself :D
1 year ago
shineegirl77 says:
So small but have such a talent!
1 year ago
yulia sofia mohd rosmadi says:
Watch taemin peace b
2 years ago
Christy Leong says:
oh m she was only a child

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