Music Video and Lyrics of Milky Way by BoA

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Lyrics of Milky Way

 Uh dduhn ma eum eu ro juhn hal kka nan nuh ae gae 

nuh reul geu ryuh waht dun sul reh lim nan ki da ryut suh 
ji na buh rin shi gan hahm kkeh hal soon up suh do 
ee jen nuh ae gae jool nae ga ga jin geu soo mah neun nal deel 
Na reul seu chyuh ga neun bah rahm ee nae gae mal hae joo nae 
moon deek ga kka wuh jin kyae juhl eul yuh ki bul ruh waht suh 
da shi ga go shi puh sae sahng eul moh reu dun shi juhl 
ee jen nae gae ro ol sae sahng ae bi chin na ei moh seub 
uhn jen ga soh joong hahm ma juh ee uh buh rin cha nan 
uh reun ee dwi buh ryut ji 
*Yeah I need you! 
Uhn jae na nae kyu tae ee suh jwuh na reul no chi ji mal ah jwuh 
kka mahn bahm nae ahn ae pyul chyuh jin sae kyae ro 
kku meun bahn jjahk ee go ee suh 
uh de rohn ga geu luh kae ruh ga ji 
On my milky way 
Na ei jahk eun eul nae mil uh nuh reul boo reul ddae 
Uhn jae la do kat eun ja ri ae nun ki da ryut ji nae 
Gae sohk sak ee dun nuh mahn ei bi mil ei yahk sohk 
Kat eun shi gan sohk ae hahm kkeh ha kil won haet dun guh ya 
Ji geum ga mahn hee reul ki ool yuh ki da ryuh waht dun juh 
Kat eun nal ei no rae reul 
I believe! 
Oo yun hahn sarang eul chaj ahs dun na reul ji ga bo go ee suht ji 
Uhn jae na mahn nal soo ee suht dun goht ae suh 
Nuh reul ki da ri go ee suh 
Bok hahn sae sahng sohk ae kat chin che so ee 
Da ji ah nah nan doo ryuh wuh suh 
Ha ji mahn kyae sohk ga do dwi gaet ji sae ro 
Oon na nal ei shi jahk eu ro 
I need you! 
Uh de rohn ga geu luh kae lo ruh ga ji 
On my milky way

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Social Media Comments on Milky Way

3 weeks ago
princessweeter says:
이노래가 아틀란티스 소녀보다 더 좋아....훨씬더..
1 month ago
aigooXD says:
i miss old kpop :')
5 months ago
heydi anel says:
Omg :'( BoA fetus t-t /crying/
6 months ago
Diego Carneiro says:
3 months ago
redmanchip says:
Miss when music used to song like this
5 months ago
Yii M says:
Love it so much 
5 months ago
도봄 says:
이때 부터 보아의 얼굴이 나오기 시작했네ㅎㅎ
6 months ago
ThomasIsLucky says:
Well at least the boxes for SM mv's have gotten bigger xD
7 months ago
Allyson Park says:
This song is so sweet it makes me sad
11 months ago
Seesska says:
when was this song released? :) thx for responds :)
8 months ago
Ananias king kpopfanboy says:
Loving this boa
1 year ago
Rodney Voon says:
2 years ago
NASAagent History says:
Recollections Just Remain So Long. But Show Must Go On.
2 years ago
parkaechanxchina says:
She makes me think to Ai Otsuka ^_^
11 months ago
supercup cakejunior says:
Happy birthday my lovely BoA ♥ Greetings from Germany *-* Saranghae ♥ I love you so much my queen!
2 years ago
TheSushiandme says:
Boa was cute when she was younger. Now she is getting old, lol, but stay cute.
2 years ago
Cloud Sea says:
in 2003
1 year ago
AkuManami says:
They have to sing "new style kpop songs" because lot of fan love this new style... The audience is wrong too. It's just my opinion.
2 years ago
beachluvxo says:
WOW so defensive LMAO either you are just really disturbed or you just live in your little bubble, hating on other race and gays. if you hate "SHITTY" asian pop music, then dont even waste your time browsing/clicking on it, dumbass pshhh
2 years ago
ifinallychangedmyusername994 says:
omg this song and this artist introduced me to kpop <3 i love this song to death<3 Boa where are you?
11 months ago
AKI2010ify says:
Love the world<3
2 years ago
aji wicaksono says:
2 years ago
beachluvxo says:
haha typical dumb ass hater.
1 year ago
jussmittin says:
perhaps...but she lost A LOT of weight too
2 years ago
toki119 says:
@TheSushiandme lol, still too cute on SBS Kpop Star Audition, she always dances along with the songs :P

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