Music Video and Lyrics of Someday Somewhere by BoA

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Lyrics of Love Hurts

 Gi uk hahl soo doh up ssuht dduhn geu jjahl 

beun shi gahn deul ee 
Ah peum ae shi jahk ee uht jji 
Ee jaen duh muh mool ji moht hahl nuh ae heu ryuh 
jin moh seup dwi roh 
Dah shi chah jah ohl seul peum 
** Gin shi gahn uht kkahl lyuht dduhn oo ri ae 
yahk sohk 
In jung hahl soo gah up ssuh ssuh geu ruhl soo 
mahn eet ddah myun 
* Ee ruh kae chah meu ryuh hae doh moh deun 
guhl ji oo ryuh hae doh 
Hahn chahm nuh ae seng gahk euh roh muhm 
chool soo up neun guhl 
Ji wuh doh ji ool soo up neun ee ruh kae mah reu ji ahn neun 
Noon mool gwah ah peum eul ee jaen chahm kki 
heem deul uh 
#(Rap) I felt down and out, but I never wanna leave this way 
Sometimes you let me out, but never out your door 
You got it for you, you got it for me 
Feelin' this way, you should know that you hurt me so bad 
Baby how could you say a word, you thought you never could 
When you promised me that your love was so true 
Took my money, took my time, took my pride 
How can you live a lie, you better ask somebody 
** Repeat 
Keep away from me (Repeat #) 

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