Music Video and Lyrics of Woman On The Screen by Boris

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Lyrics of Electric


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4 years ago
riggs100 says:
Music to go wild to...
5 years ago
jkdewar says:
4 years ago
Michael says:
fucking insane
6 years ago
HammarHeart says:
gawd DAYUM i fuckin LOVE that 2nd riff, holy shit is it ever groovy
4 years ago
Midnightfog says:
i want to get in a carchase with explosions, car-sized kickers, leaps of faith off car-sized kickers with explosions, a bored French wingman with a moustache telling me to go faster so he can get his thrill fix, a 10feet-long satanic pink rhino that will wreck havoc with the classic "cop cars getting derailed in slow- mo" scene who then proceeds chasing me through the sunlit streets of whichever city we are destroying and a shitload of other random shit with that song playing on the radio.
4 years ago
MiihCherry says:
4 years ago
nothere413 says:
@BrohemianRhapsody "My Good Triangle"
5 years ago
islespatrick says:
I believe this was the song that had me moshing when I saw them last night
7 years ago
Andrew Porter says:
Just Abandon Myself is the best
7 years ago
BloodAndThunder00 says:
7 years ago
BrohemianRhapsody says:
Bout god damn time somebody put this up, my favorite song off Pink. 5 stars and a favoriting for you my good sir (or madam, your name doesn't give that information)
4 years ago
Vagan Baron Adamus says:
5 years ago
codeman33322 says:
lucas magoons part is perfect to this song yo!

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