Music Video and Lyrics of Woman On The Screen by Boris

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Lyrics of Farewell

 It's long gone, gone away

Words were almost lost and gone
I felt it was far away; even if it was near
I felt I could reach at least
Ready made answers are here,
sitting like a gu deposit
And always tries to deliver
I turn away from those kind of things
Get up and go, my will
Just wave a good-bye

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Social Media Comments on Farewell

4 years ago
imdantheman89 says:
pure ambience ((0_0))
4 years ago
impcirca1988 says:
This is my first boris experience. I'm just thinking... Deftones with extra apathy.
2 years ago
playedescapade says:
Damn. I really suck at life for not life for not listening to Boris. Instead of killing myself, I'm going to do the next best thing which is start listening to Boris now.
4 years ago
Joseph O'Donnell says:
@tagomago91 best comment ever :)
4 years ago
jessandangel17 says:
wow words can't describe what i felt after i listened to this video
3 years ago
Jessica Ornelas says:
@kmacmuzikmafia27 Exactly.
2 years ago
redcommando1 says:
I never liked Sigur Dross
4 years ago
speedf1league says:
Holy shit this song just blew my mind...
4 years ago
joewhittles says:
@simonx4 boris can't even grow beards. also "hipsters" dont really like doom metal, they all like Black Lips or Wavves or electro house, shit like that.
2 years ago
Jake Niehaus says:
I love Boris and Sigur Ros equally. It's all good.
2 years ago
bernadotte913 says:
yes "some way" but you can't name the band/project that exactly sounds like Boris.. or you can?
4 years ago
boobsnbooze says:
lol my name is boris
2 years ago
Read Schopenhauer says:
you mean My Bloody Valentine, not that godawful pile of shit Bullet for My Valentine. Also, Boris are better than MBV and Sigur Ros, and how DARE you mention Coldgay
3 years ago
C Monarrez says:
@tagomago91 Boris and Coldplay? Did you slap that bitch?
3 years ago
zigidy8 says:
say thanks to nick drake
2 years ago
basement94 says:
Wow, this is... good. First time listening to this.
3 years ago
Oracle13 says:
Thank you for posting this! Is there any way you can post Boris' (when we're gone)? Id be so thankful if you could! :D
2 years ago
MajkeTiTvoje says:
i can name at least 20 bands that remind me of Boris in some way
2 years ago
Brettersson says:
Boris actually started before Sigur Ros
5 years ago
Totes Magee says:
best opening song EVER
3 years ago
Shaun Roopra says:
Limits of Control!!!
2 years ago
Perrrrrrrrrrrry says:
Better with headphones
2 years ago
TADstain says:
3 years ago
crudmuncher77 says:
@tagomago91 best comment ever hahaha
4 years ago
Alex Evans says:
@hollywoodowl Same. It fitted so well in that film i thought.

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