Music Video and Lyrics of Woman On The Screen by Boris

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Lyrics of Blackout

By-standers, who claim to be innocent, who are just looking on
Look at this, I'm gathering up all the filth, I will show it to you
You can't change anything
Black out

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Social Media Comments on Blackout

2 years ago
nirv341 says:
I like the song, sounds like hag me by the melvins
2 years ago
genemeyer408 says:
Excuse me while I pick my face up off the ground...
4 years ago
Tyler Penner says:
i've been looking for this song forever. atmosphere coming out the HEAVY ASS!
2 years ago
Xenoforge78 says:
@Akhin Most likely because it's from the CD version, the vinyl version has most every song extended. :P
3 years ago
Akhin says:
why doesn't this song last for 15 minuets instead of 5 !!?
2 years ago
Medibisu says:
3 years ago
harpUnstrung68000 says:
@jonfitforbattle Totally agree... I don't like much of this album, but this song is like everything I love about Feedbacker condensed into a ball of heavy badass-ness.
3 years ago
danvanism says:
4 years ago
jonfitforbattle says:
By far the best song on the album. Wata's guitar makes me feel like I'm being roused from sleep by an angel after doing too much heroin.
2 years ago
rob t says:
people check out evoken, not the same as this band but grim none the less
1 year ago
ruinedlost1234 says:
清廉を謳い、ただ見つめるだけの傍観者よ 穢れをまとっていくこの姿 示す お前達に 何も変えられない お前達に 何も変えられない
3 years ago
TheJoeyTaylor says:
This has always been heavy as sin.
3 years ago
Saru2191 says:
This is what the apocalypse will sound like.

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