Music Video and Lyrics of Woman On The Screen by Boris

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Lyrics of Afterburner

 When you feel the chill -- 'flame, watered-down"

It's always like this -- "too lazy"
When you feel you're going insane -- "flame, watered-down"
It's always like this -- "just pour it down"
Take a sip
Now, look at me
You'll be knocked out
It's been like this,
I've always found it's like this
Image, can't control, let it overflow -- "indeed"
Image, can't control, let it overflow -- "isn't it?"
a bunch of them falling down happily and randomly
When you feel the chill -- "disappear"
When was it that it was like this -- "disappear"
When was it that it was like this -- "flame, watered-down"

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2 years ago
Infinitegodzilla says:
One of my favorite songs ever
2 years ago
ruinedlost1234 says:
震えそうになったら 「ぬるい炎」 いつもこればかりだ 「だらしない」 気が触れそうになったら 「ぬるい炎」 いつもこればかりだ 「流し込む」 溢れ すする さあ俺を見ろよ 朦朧とするよ いつもそうだった いつそうなった 駄々漏れのイメージ 「そうだろう」 駄々漏れのイメージ 「こうだろう」 群れ遊ぶ落下 震えそうになったら 「いなくなる」 いつこうなった 「いなくなる」 いつそうなった 「ぬるい炎」
3 years ago
Indyrodney says:
killer song from Boris, just recently got turned on to them. like King Crimson, you never know what you are going to hear from them. spaced out drone and doom, or just a flatout great song on the Pink Album. you got to go with the flow with Boris, and you are usually rewarded. kind of a box of chocolates kind of band, always dark in some way, but the center can be anything.

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