Music Video and Lyrics of Our Meeting by LeeSSang

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Lyrics of Our Meeting

We see you now (to meet) now meet (now met)
, we see you now (to meet) now meet (now met)
mobile phones over the building to be your face I do not know
(do not know, I never know)
we still met (meet) now meet ( Be now)
we meet right now (met) met immediately (immediate meeting)
you laugh when stuck in dumb crying
I do not know (I do not know I absolutely do not know) I mean, yesterday you listen Hair district early in the morning to meet friends billiard fixture wait for a drink don immediately came to my house and slept nine did not know, I mean the battery is not your friend at the club, this guy is not me if I were you that he's not your boyfriend I do I keep walking? What mom is gonna get me one please do not makhaji'll have to stand down. now I'll pick you up at home just now to meet our (meeting) to meet right away (away meet) , we see you now (met) met now (now met) when you're stuck speechless laughing crying I do not know (I do not know I absolutely do not know) , everything you're showing all the cover's blown to meet one of the meet does not harm l've caused so much now bulrihae today sadly the sky will look like you and me Hey Hey Hey Hey are you going to run out the battery too I do not say anything Chargers tangled with the beer, which is extraordinary measures need to see someone got tired of fighting argue the brink of throwing the phone already this year alone because of you crazy And jeonhwagil third swapped it nakyeoteo ahkkyeoteo or money to fight you, so please me Let me tell you me can not stop, I cheat boiling a jijigo Tteok Streetwise puldeon first met simply a cup of tea, let's caramel makki Figueroa ~ now ~ ~ we see you now (to meet) now meet (now met) , we see you now (to meet) now meet ( Be now) is building a mobile phone over your face I do not know (I do not know I absolutely do not know), we see you now (met) met now (now met), we see you now (met) met now (now met) when you're stuck speechless crying laughing because I have no idea, I met just now (Be Be Be Now) now meet (met met met right now) right now to meet (to meet to meet), we see you now


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Social Media Comments on Our Meeting

3 months ago
Tamerlan Bachaev says:
Running Man!
11 months ago
SueMeri Candyland says:
got this song stuck in my head :)
10 months ago
Chan Rin says:
Bought Hexagonal a week ago and I do not regret it ^^ I'm so thankful I got to know Leessang through Running Man :P I'll probably buy the previous albums too
7 months ago
perez heltonz says:
11 months ago
Kyle Payne says:
This has a RHCP vibe to it.
1 year ago
it's gary's official theme song ♥
1 year ago
pete fabio says:
Am I the only one who thought that their influences by Led Zeppelin. The opening riffs say so
2 years ago
강정현 says:
말문이 막혔을 때 니가 웃는지 우는지 나는 몰라 몰라 몰라 나는 절대로 몰라!! 우리 지금 당장 만납시다!
1 year ago
Love it!
3 years ago
NEWanjingkepala3 says:
Gary's theme song on running man..
4 years ago
azratheawesome says:
Running Mann
2 years ago
gamankl says:
i'm from monday studio...;-)
1 year ago
mrkrazyaznguyizkrazy says:
3 years ago
Nera Kun Tut says:
amazing. because of running man, i know leessang is amazing. salah ke??
3 years ago
Mĩ Ngọc Nguyễn says:
WOW, nice song!
3 years ago
drickenhell says:
where i can download this music for free?
4 years ago
JustNurull says:
3:36 HaHa (Left) kang Gary (Right) ROTFL
2 years ago
Eva says:
2 years ago
shahril az says:
gaegolas cage
4 years ago
conanblue32 says:
hihi I love the video! I heard this song like a million times but didnt know it was Leessang and Jang Giha & the faces.
3 years ago
Isabella Marie Vo says:
this song sounds so funny!
2 years ago
jayjay says:
Finally found this song. Its great.
2 years ago
crispyC718 says:
totally fits 'country boy' Gary's vibe XD
2 years ago
justin sebastian says:
I love jung woosung BGM
3 years ago
독기 세라 says:
I knew Leessang's music before, but Running Man showed me how funny and adorable Gary is :D

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