Music Video and Lyrics of Courage by Alien Ant Farm

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Lyrics of Courage

Contrary to the matter
Who you are, you are not
Come with me, I'll show you Saturn
Planets don't quite align

You should try not to be so courageous

I never said you were a mistake at all
You got it all wrong, you're misunderstanding

Traveled far for a lover
Who she was she was not
But honestly it don't matter
Aliens ain't Farmers

You should try not to be so courageous


You should try not to be so courageous
These dismal moods have become contagious


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Social Media Comments on Courage

1 week ago
Jonathan Burton says:
Most underrated band in the world in my opinion.
1 month ago
iSpiNpl8s4talentz says:
Where's the video? Why is this only a picture. This is 3.5 minutes Ill never get back.
1 month ago
pwndbythegamers11 says:
miss this game so much 
1 month ago
Carpe Nocturn says:
i love it alot
8 months ago
Faceless Misery says:
please make this video available on mobile devices 
4 months ago
Scott Perkin says:
Shaun palmer's pro snowboarder brought me here!!!!
8 months ago
kyleman1313 says:
Here for ATV Offroad Fury 2 Nostalgia :)
4 months ago
Evan Zablocki says:
First PS2 game, favorite song
5 months ago
nickfury1012 says:
+ErraticReviews don't be a little bitch.
6 months ago
Jon Briley says:
my favorite aaf song
6 months ago
Bobby Engel says:
simply the main menu song of this game brings back so many memories. This games came with my first playstation2
2 months ago
steve kawa says:
where did real music go?
10 months ago
Adryan Adams says:
Shaun Palmer's Snow Boarding Game!!!!! 
8 months ago
REM700sniper@playstation network says:
ATV offroad fury 2 was damn good man i still play it wit old frnds my gf n my mom lol but nowhere near my 1st tho lol i still remember the cheatcode its IM A CHEATER
9 months ago
Clueless41 says:
" never said you were a MISTAKE at all." Thought he was saying musty as in need deodorant. Apparently I had it all wrong. *shrugs*
2 years ago
ErraticReviews says:
Cool, the song came from video games. We don't fucking care.
2 years ago
Ron Ezekiel says:
Good times with this song, either i was kicking up mud in a quad, or capping the fucking Enforcers. either way, this song was always a great background
2 years ago
jesus says:
this game has some great soundtrack
3 years ago
golf11117 says:
@eyeRandrew they were in a video game?
3 years ago
Varrcaus says:
@darthmoignon APB orginal (+beta) >:D
3 years ago
Claymore8365 says:
@eyeRandrew they arent saying they like them only because they're in videogames, they're saying it cause they found them through it.
2 years ago
Led Back says:
such a kick ass underrated.....great album otherwise
2 years ago
Slava Kivlov says:
All Points Bulletin FTW
3 years ago
Ric Scott says:
this is a fucking tune!
3 years ago
Redbranch says:
came here because they are proper musicians and i like funky bass with pumping drums..good essence class...guitar brill

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