Music Video and Lyrics of Courage by Alien Ant Farm

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Lyrics of Calico

So make it real
Just make it real

That's not a reason to fire me
That ain't no real reason
It's funny things cheapen when we disagree
If things got any worse then cheap would turn free

Calico cats and calico dreams
That ain't too real
Just make it real

Feel all the seasons flood through you and me
And see what trouble she's in
But that's not a reason to fire me
That ain't no real reason

Chorus 2:
Calico cats and calico dreams
That ain't too real
Just make it real
Collisions hurt and abrasions bleed
It's hard to deal when all you do is feel

Campfires swell into monsterous things
That summer heat that's winter deep

And all your wild winds
They couldn't stop me from flying

Chorus 2

Just make it real

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Social Media Comments on Calico

5 months ago
Koshi Kosha says:
Damn,to 00:00 at 0:16 just the greatest part of the song,always give me shiver !
11 months ago
layzjayz says:
this song along with "sticks of stones" will always remind me of the first "the fast and the furious"film,dunno why guess it was that place and time lol
10 months ago
gummygus45 says:
consti2tion is no. 1
1 year ago
Robbin' Stitler says:
thx +Goon Mom 
4 years ago
Cary Rumley says:
@johnboy098 - New stuff coming out this year according to an AAF blog.
3 years ago
shtfckazz says:
They were way underated, this whole album is good, even smooth criminal which i thought was a poor choice for the first single.
5 years ago
JnTGamers says:
They still play Just fyi. He wasn't Paralyzed.
2 years ago
icomeup2urKnees says:
Wow a lot of people were saved by this album! It certainly saved me! I was 19 and was very low and AAF helped me throughout my low points. I always wore the hoodie. They certainly kept me going!
4 years ago
TheAUBalum says:
AAF is far from a one hit wonder, one fo the most innovative voices in music..
3 years ago
hoogiechugie says:
@KurtWinger until now that's what I thought they were!
3 years ago
TheTreadstone22 says:
i liked these guys just could not keep it up for some reason
3 years ago
zzsleepingzz1 says:
also like summer
1 year ago
Nintendork82 says:
good song
1 year ago
Burak Uçak says:
those who are killing cats to get high are high enough i think.
2 years ago
Macsam25 says:
This may be my fav AAF song along w/ Flesh and Bone and Nova Hands
3 years ago
zzsleepingzz1 says:
love this song so much
4 years ago
WoogieSparks says:
@drewhadou Thats what it's about :D -rememebr parts of the story that they tal kabout- Thoguh they mesh with somthing else.....
3 years ago
shadowchild13B says:
@RossNeill680 no sir u stfu all twelvethousandcats was trying to say was how great this band was to inspired them to become an individual and not a follower
3 years ago
Fanboy Destroyer says:
thumbs up if you like this song because your cat is a calico lol
4 years ago
Jesknt1 says:
2 years ago
Terence Baru says:
I named my cat Calico.
1 year ago
Avindeha says:
For the love of all that is good and holy in this land, it's -Smooth Criminal-, for the love of god. Oh, and props to those who knew the song's actual title. ((And if you know the title, then you sure as hell already know the source))
3 years ago
Xurreal says:
Awesome Guitar! Awesome Drums! Awesome Bass! Awesome Lyrics! Awesome Ending! What more does a good song need?
3 years ago
somepoet1786 says:
@thehooz123 Same here lol
3 years ago
deadman903 says:
Alien Ant Farm + Def Tones.......FUCK SHIT UP

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