Music Video and Lyrics of Don't Say Goodbye by BlessTheFall

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Lyrics of Bottomfeeder

 Keep moving down the line,

what's sitting here is mine.
You’ve taken far too long,
go back where you belong.
This place is not for a weak,
this place is not for a weak.
They’ve all been begging for the truth
It’s over now (it’s over now)
We gave our lives for this
It's all we have
It's all we'll ever know
We sacrificed for this.
When it's said and done,
we'll have our scars to show.
I am destruction,
you’ll never be the death of me.
You are the victim,
I am the one that you betray.
We gave our lives for this,
it’s all we have,
it’s all we'll ever know.
We sacrificed for this,
when it’s said and done.
Remember our scars to show.
Remember our scars to show,
From now ’till the end.
From now 'till the end.
It’s set in stone,
now there’s no turning back.
We'll stand our ground.
We unbroken!
It’s set in stone,
now there’s no turning back.
We'll stand our ground.
We are unbroken!
It’s set in stone,
now there’s no turning back.
We'll stand our ground.
We are unbroken!
We are unbroken!
We are unbroken!
We are unbroken! 

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Social Media Comments on Bottomfeeder

7 months ago
Christopher Done says:
Good work, truly. But hasn't this exact song been done to death by Killswitch and Finch like a decade ago? Not saying it's not good music. Just a bit weird to see a new band come out with essentially old music, not bringing anything new. Oh well! Keep doing what you love.
6 months ago
san7908 says:
1:20 "I AM THE SAUSAGE!!!!!!!!!"
3 weeks ago
กฤษณะ ทองประเสริฐ says:
9 months ago
Kevin Uchiha says:
5 months ago
Mark Anthony Bulaon says:
Emo shit
3 months ago
GoldFitZ says:
why wont you sign up for warped tour again god dammit
8 months ago
GgioVora1 says:
1 week ago
Sondre Nerheim says:
report them for feeding bot lane
5 months ago
Charlie Cairns says:
Dem Chairs.
6 months ago
Mynameismcgyver says:
Such an amazing song and video. Watching him on the drums is so baddass. 
2 months ago
RachRose says:
9 months ago
CrazyIvan1988 says:
I am the sausaaaaage!
5 months ago
Diego Vercesi says:
This album was way better than the new one
5 months ago
Luksz P. says:
Guitar Flash :3
8 months ago
Alyssa Poston says:
2 weeks ago
gogiants551 says:
Never been a fan of this band.. But I really like this song.. I like the guitar work, and drumming. The breakdowns are pretty generic but other than that it's a good song 
4 months ago
Dam gam says:
Whaaaaaaaaaaa Fuck
9 months ago
AlexDrummings XX says:
Now you have a fan more :) i love this Band! This is the Shit what my ears need :)
5 months ago
Jorge Miranda says:
7 months ago
chase Rogers says:
screw Craig
3 years ago
Tim Smith says:
Blessthefall - "Bottomfeeder" Studio Video
6 months ago
The Wise Man's Fear says:
Blessthefall in the Studieau
6 months ago
Hauntsy Wauntsy says:
We get it guys. Woody Harrelson is the sausage.
8 months ago
Jadon Austin says:
Love this song 
9 months ago
Fabrii Carballo says:
Blessthefall is a shit The singers sings like girs..!!

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