Music Video and Lyrics of Don't Say Goodbye by BlessTheFall

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Lyrics of Bones Crew

 This August came and went, turned me upside down

Now I'm getting out of this town
And I told all my friends
I'm never coming back again, I'm going far away
Ten thousand miles from here
All the things that could have been but now
Ten thousand miles from you
All the things I should have said, somehow
It's all that I could do
It's been a year since I've looked at your face
And I'm starting to get over, over you
Everything's changed
I'm never coming back again, I'm going far away
'Cause finding home is not easy
And nothing's ever what I planned it to be
And if I told you that I missed you
You know I never tried to lie to you, I meant it all along
Now I have only ten thousand miles

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