Music Video and Lyrics of Don't Say Goodbye by BlessTheFall

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Lyrics of Black Rose Dying

 Gauge out, your eyes, pull your, heart to the floor, with my heart my skin my kiss, stand back drop to your knees, ill stand back as you bleed with my heart my skin my kiss

This blade it feels so cold, baby hold me while, I'm shaking, This knife has pierced my soul, i sit alone while, I'm shaking
And yes I'll laught out for you, with blind eyes, I'm shaking...
Gauge out, your eyes, pull your heart to the floor, Sweetness loves me , tastes me, hears me, Stand back drop to your knees, ill stand back as you bleed, Sweetness loves me, tastes me, hears me...
This blade it feels so cold, baby hold me while, I'm shaking,
This knife has pierced my soul, I sit alone while, I'm shaking,
And yes ill laugh out for you, with blind eyes I'm shaking...
Now take me out of this place... Now take me out of this place...
OUT, take me out, take me out, take me, out, OUT, Take me out, Take me out, Take Me, out... Take me, take me, take me Out...

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Social Media Comments on Black Rose Dying

6 years ago
FiNeJuNk says:
bless the fall rocks¡¡¡ puto el ke no lo crea
6 years ago
dade hahehahu says:
its craig mabbitt!!
6 years ago
AutumeIsSoCool says:
his breaths r super sexxaayyy
6 years ago
johnconstantine13 says:
he got kicked out, they were in a middle of a tour and criag's daughter got sick so he wanted to see her(i would have done the same thing), and they wouldnt take him back
6 years ago
Peter Parker says:
bless the fall you just mentalized it.Come to New zealand I will pay the price to see you man, and i am a polynesian who fricken loves scremo music like this.You owned it hardcore. 5 *
6 years ago
andyboi95 says:
no, come to albury, australia
6 years ago
MrsPeteWentz666 says:
fucking love Craig.
6 years ago
xXWasheDAwayXx says:
to bad the singer is on escape the fate :((((((. bless the is good also :)))
6 years ago
Garrison Becker says:
hell yeah, getta see them today in vegas =p
6 years ago
SwizzYtp says:
best song EVER
6 years ago
rockonastick says:
they sould of put this virsion of the song on the cd its way better than the one on the cd
6 years ago
0mgsohardtomakeuser says:
6 years ago
buckhuck40 says:
love it :D
6 years ago
armandog951 says:
wow!!!very kool ass song
6 years ago
3Moran3 says:
*_* btf <3 craig <3 XD
6 years ago
thes0ner says:
F_CKIN' INSANE~~:"%!+/=+(+!=/%!"
6 years ago
Demon2102 says:
undescribable fucking great btf for ever^^
6 years ago
Dreamer NSA says:
I love craig miss you come back to BTF
6 years ago
whorelockofashes says:
Kick ass band, Kick ass song!
6 years ago
Lvar8or says:
This is great :]
6 years ago
UlqTheFreakyEspada says:
Such a great song. Now THIS is the Craig that I remember.
6 years ago
wuvmonster says:
Ohh.! I Love Them.
6 years ago
sweetnutrient says:
The singer, Craig Mabbitt, is now in the band Escape The Fate, look 'em up, they are amazing!!!
6 years ago
Aepriz says:
Best song they made with craig .
6 years ago
Amaraspirit says:
F**KING AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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