Music Video and Lyrics of Internal Primates Forever by Mudvayne

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Lyrics of Internal Primates Forever

Cop provisions feed my addictions mistakes I made then
I opened up the holes and they crawled in,
Now when it's time for the feed they won't let me forget,
They ride upon my back and they'll fuck me with their need,
My invisible enemies all my monkeys

Their coming they're coming their coming they're coming to take me

Disgusted with my position so submissive I am the only way we get
away is give in sharpen up the razors stab the needles into pipes to
kill cravings so sick of this in me can't stand the want to need
can't get free always got a grip on me

There's no use to fight this wrenching tourniquet of deprivation
obedience subservience leads to substance

Give it to me, give it to me

Leave my motivation to chemical dependency no room for patience
Don't want it need it come on right now

[Chorus voice 2]
Everything I've become now is everything I didn't want to be

Every time I try to run away I fall on my face they drag me back
Every time I try to run away I fall on my face

Help! They won't leave me alone

If I would have known back then what I know now I 'd take it back
If I would have known back then what I know now I 'd take it
I'd take it back I'd take it all fuckin' back

Stay away stay away
Hold me I'm shaking violently
Pull me out of my covering
Mold me into a new man
Lull me into a deep sleep

There's no use to fight this wrenching tourniquet of deprivation
obedience subservience leads to substance

Even if you want you can't stop

Internal primates forever

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Social Media Comments on Internal Primates Forever

1 year ago
Kris Hage says:
One of my favourite bands, and easily my favourite Mudvayne album!!!!
1 year ago
Diego H says:
that bassline... wicked sick!!!
1 year ago
Rolando Gonzales says:
One of my favorite bands of all times - I woke up with this song on my head - Internal primates - forever. The good days of good nu metal
3 years ago
metalguitarist56 says:
hell yeah, that dude is insane
2 years ago
Grave Flower says:
Is that what you think? LD.50 is not the first album.
5 years ago
Antonio Melendez says:
And your brain is stale.
4 years ago
smokindaweed says:
OMFG the bassist fucking kills yo
5 years ago
Gamer X says:
At 0:09 Seconds? What is that?
5 years ago
Samus5164 says:
duh daduh duh daduh GIVE IT TO ME
2 years ago
D Ted says:
I still love Mudvayne's early stuff LD 50 is a great album....its just sad they get dragged into the nu metal category...they're way too pro for being labeled that shit. Their new stuff kinda ssucks though, but LD 50 kicks fuckin ass man.The next 2 albums after that too.
3 years ago
MizerisMoney says:
Probably one of the 10 best metal albums of the decade in the 90's
5 years ago
gethighwithjimmypage says:
deftones rule btw but your philosophy is super gay
4 years ago
Gerald de Guzman says:
no camparison to slipknot, they're both great.. but slipknot is the one who discovered mudvayne and mudvayne plays as a front act for slipknot's concert back in the days until they get recognized and finally released an E.P anyway both are great and talented
5 years ago
KillliOughtaa says:
Sure I don't like little wayne...but seriously dude......I may not like all types of music, but I respect that music is music.
5 years ago
Astral Fufi says:
first record had some nu-metal elements..and i think its their best work
4 years ago
weezybaby226 says:
@DethCrusade no fucking way
3 years ago
Traff Icit says:
@MattL883 You are retarded mat, Nu-Metal is real and Has Always been real. GTFO Lil' wayne fan. Fucking troll
6 years ago
Eddie1041986 says:
Technically they are industrial. It's in the sound.
4 years ago
Rinaleightball1 says:
@SnoodDood Your pretty stupid, there nothing like slipknot. They both sold out pretty fast, but Mudvayne's sold out stuff is better
4 years ago
laffyta2 says:
To both of the guys below me: Slipknot and Mudvayne are both bands that had something wrong with them when they started. Slipknot's lyrics are about a handful of young men who's parents were abusive and they have violent tendencies. And cuss a lot. Mudvayne is almost 50% opposite because even though the music is actually better that SK's, the lyrics are about someone who is getting fucked over and trying to stay alive and away from something. So, leave SK and Mud alone. theyre both awesome
5 years ago
Glenn Davis II says:
at which part? the intro?
3 years ago
Traff Icit says:
@MattL883 Now are you Talking about Slipknots "Crowz" or "M>F>K>R"?
5 years ago
Antonio Melendez says:
Thank you......
5 years ago
AENIMA42069 says:
even if you want you cant stop. so glad i somehow managed to pull myself out of that fucking hole.
4 years ago
diseasedvirus says:
@phantomboss133 the end of all things to come is their second heaviest

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