Music Video and Lyrics of Lethal Dosage by Mudvayne

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Lyrics of Monolith

first voice:These symptoms suggested that our evolution, i suppose, from the animal kingdomInto the human kingdom itself was catalyzed, or triggered by our encounter withThese hallucenogenics, andSecond voice:Yes, we are an ape with a symbiotic relationship to a mushroom, and that hasGiven us self reflection, language, religion and all the spectrum of effectsThat flow from these things.First voice again:And one can only wonder how these hallucinogens might effect our futureEvolution as well...Second voice again:They have brought us to this point, and as we make our relationship to themConcious, we may be able to take control of our furute evolutionary path.

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1 year ago
Bob Smith says:
I read somewhere that the band wanted Monolith (et al) to be a single track on the album but the producer(?) had them split up the track across the album. Always thought that was a great choice as a sort of interlude between some of the other songs. LD 50 is one of my favorite albums ever, and I don't really care where the band went from here because they made and released this album.
5 years ago
markobrod says:
The only comment :P BTW Song is excelent
3 years ago
AriSirwan says:
Fucking love Mudvayne !
3 years ago
fourtywpm says:
"Open your mind" sounds like it was sampled from Total Recall, when Kuato asks Quade to do as such.
4 years ago
Michael Gillespie says:
@qmiq thank you i've been trying to see what this is.
3 years ago
VileVince1 says:
@fourtywpm You are correct.
3 years ago
Alan Ward says:
@befrankis these guys most definitely were listening to Aenima before they wrote this album.
2 years ago
jffry890 says:
what the fuck was that?
3 years ago
Matteo Ricci says:
very psychedelic intro.
4 years ago
qmiq says:
yeah it's Terrance Mckenna I believe...look him up he speaks truth.
5 years ago
deimoscraz says:
yeah!! 1st comment
3 years ago
cundionfire says:
Find it hard to believe that Mudvayne would sample Terrance Mckenna. Mudvayne has atheist and nihilistic views while Terrance Mckenna was very spiritual.
4 years ago
befrankis says:
one of the voices sounds like the maynard james keenan from tool since they promote similar ideas about acid and mushrooms and openiing awareness
3 years ago
cundionfire says:
Thats true @xxxserialxxx
2 years ago
ikdsjOFFICIAL says:
great ever
3 years ago
Samuel L. Bro says:
@cundionfire I wouldn't say Mudvayne are Atheist. Songs like Death Blooms show a struggle between beliefs, and they also seem like open minded people.
5 years ago
volchan129 says:
4 years ago
MatthewPGardiner says:
i HATED this for the first 2 years of listening to it - now i get it.. its genius. and actually a very interesting lecture :)
3 years ago
KHMaggot67 says:
Listen 1:30 and so on over and over again. You'll hear "Poop Loser" By: Mudvayne. "You're a mutha fuckin piece of shit and you'll never amount to nothing".
2 years ago
Cheshire Cat says:
GOD, man, that was God.

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