Music Video and Lyrics of Kuuhaku no Joukei by Rentrer En Soi

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Lyrics of Hamon tsutau memai

 The driving memories echo hollowlyNo matter how much it continues to draw, it will never fade

The spring's scent hides the scars if you entrust your body to sleep
This land has no end Under the flowing snow You are being colored 
If it wakes up it will disappear, the gentle vertigo
And so being illuminated by the moon I will sleep in the endless dream 
The sun's light begins to blot out memories that have piled up
While I look down many tears are flowing
My fingertips are only frightened
Because you are not here 
Because you are not here .
But I wonder, why can I feel a fleeting worry?
Called out by the season I enter the world of sleep
The eye will close in worry anytime
You were by my side
You were surely there smiling tenderly for me
The lovely season followed the ripples and gave me love
The sunbeams that flow in The clear blue skybeing painted by you
If it wakes up it will disappear, the gentle vertigo
And so being illuminated by the moon I will sleep in the endless dream
Being shaken by hesitations the memories overflow
Is this simply a dream?
It does not reach in the fingertips
It does not reach in the smiling face
It does not reach in you

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Social Media Comments on Hamon tsutau memai

1 year ago
ulquiora yannick says:
c'est sur les quaies de seine à paris ^^
6 years ago
Watashibakadayo says:
It sound like an anime ending xDD I HATE this begining but ... in their last DVD this song is such amazing !
4 years ago
AliceDeMalice says:
So much love for rentrer en soi!
6 years ago
Wal Dren says:
it sounds like the beginning of a dream :D
6 years ago
liaalixx says:
LOool yeah ur right ^^ like an anime... PS: I love res
4 years ago
Phil Twochords says:
Outro solo was beautiful.
4 years ago
Sarah Kyoto says:
@zim696 Oh I find somone who feels like me when I listen this song **, it's a miracle! xD
6 years ago
eyesonvoi says:
yeah, i saw them in shibuya. it was a great christmas present to be able to see them live even though it was their last concert. it was very emotional. no one could contain there tears. very moving. oh did you see them in NJ? i wanted to go, but days before i had already been to another concert. i should have anyway.
6 years ago
eyesonvoi says:
This is such a beautiful song. I went to Japan to see their last live on December 25th. It was an incredible show. This song gets me emotional because it reminds me of it. This was one of the last songs they played. It left everyone in tears. Satsuki-san made the crowd sing the chorus and he and the rest of band couldn't hold back their tears.
6 years ago
MzRiku says:
the begining of this song sounds like believe from luna sea
5 years ago
xdeadxtreex says:
I love this era renter en soi!
7 years ago
Wal Dren says:
lol this song freakin great got it on my zune :D
7 years ago
AshimaChan says:
Awesome song...I love Rentrer en Soi <33
7 years ago
quigalchemist says:
Great song!! How is it written in Romanji?

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