A five piece rock band born on april of 2003 comprised of Kat-vox, Kurt-bass, Gerard-guitars, Monx-guitars, and Paulo-drums. In early 2005, the band released its debut self-titled album. Upon the release Saydie has developed a huge following. Their own. Rock n' roll enthusiasts all around the Philippines: from heavy metal kids to punk rock kids to emo kids to doll freaks and blood sucking vamps, are all brought together by their music. In May of 2006, bassist Kurt Corpus left the band due to personal differences. And around early 2008 drummer Paulo Pampuan was replaced by the remaining original members due to musical differences. Since then, the band has had a series of line up changes, vocalist Kathy Taylor flew in and out of the country (personal reasons), the band was on an indefinite hiatus from gigs and shows, but remains active inside the studio working on their songwriting. Because of this extreme behavior rumors flew around like a virus that Taylor has left the group and Saydie is already disbanded.... when in fact they're not. 2009 so far has been a good year for Saydie. With new members Jake Zacarias on bass and Majik Milagrosa on drums (formerly f...
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