Hi. I'm †anya Markova. I am Mul†iple Personali†y Disorder personified. Born in †he Abyss...raised in a non-bailable environmen†. I have 9 developed personali†ies in which I am able to con†rol ins†an†ly a† hand. I know when †hey are inside my body. I am †heir host. Ironically, I am comple†ely conscious of †heir selves when †hey're †aking over. I support existen†ialism. I'm a cer†ified omnivore. †he 9 Personalities: * Sugar K. (Deceased bu† will be forever in my hear†) * Norma Love - Zombie Crooner/Dead Madman Gospel †ruth: He was a frus†rated child ac†or * Iwa Mo†ors - Possessed Doll/Evil †oy Marching Band Gospel †ruth: He was a mild fever survivor * Mowmow – A Werewolf pre†ending †o be a Vampire/Burlesque Clown Gospel †ruth: I† can dance ala Jabbawockeez alone wi†hout falling ou† of synch wi†h his self. * Hear† Ab...
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