Music Video and Lyrics of Under Control by The Strokes

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Lyrics of I Can't Win

 That was you up on the mountain

All alone and all surrounded
Walking on the ground you're breaking
Laughing at the life you're wasting
1 - 2 tries won't do it
You do it all your life and you never get through it
Everything they had to say
Had been erased in just one day
"Good try
We don't like it"
"Good try
We won't take that shit."
I can't win.
Things in bars that people do
When no one wants to talk to you
Failing can be quite a breeze, he
Told me that these girls were easy
Happy that you said you'd mount me
Felt unlucky when you found me
Some nights come up empty handed
Yes, I'll take it
Wait now
By the sidewalk
Hold on
Yes, I'll be right back.
I can't win.
Yeah, I
Wait for something
"Cool it
We won't take that shit"
"Good try
We don't like it"
-Hold on,
Yes, I'll be right back.

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Social Media Comments on I Can't Win

10 months ago
discojack says:
the intro riff sounds a little similar to ``Heavens Knows I`m Miserable Now`` by the Smiths
1 year ago
Varun Gudi says:
I imagine playing Mario Kart 64 to this song... nostalgia!
1 year ago
dizzy kill says:
HAGGY your the best cod player 
1 year ago
HELL IsREALJesusSaves says:
parasite fucking crybaby
2 years ago
strokesfan1107 says:
The opening chord to this song always hits me so hard. It gives me this sinking feeling of like "Oh shit, I'm late!" or "I just realized I'm in huge trouble!" Julian, you're a musical genius!
3 years ago
jphStrokes says:
@joerobinson93 hahahah what? easily the best album of the 2000's, fucking moron
3 years ago
TimesAwesome says:
I love this band. Only few appreciates their music. This is what true music made of
3 years ago
talibanchristian says:
there are more posts of this song that havve hunred thousands of views you tards
2 years ago
Komakino Lindisfarne says:
shut the fuck up about them being underrated or unknown you bunch of cunts
1 year ago
Chivas5196 says:
This song is sooooooooooooo good
3 years ago
King Sheegadorah says:
@Tima1995 The Strokes are mainstream..idk what you're talking about..If you wanna spout your hipster music negativity go to a We Are Scientists video or something
2 years ago
shawn wilson says:
"You drink too much," makes me drink, just the same.
2 years ago
shawn wilson says:
Julian Casablancas is better than you are.
2 years ago
BusquedaBlues says:
Right? The Strokes are popular as fuck.
3 years ago
SamsonOff7 says:
Quality fuckin sucksAss, Good song But that quality is bad.
3 years ago
19651995love says:
3 years ago
ChuckHitler says:
@Tima1995 lmfao please tell me you aren't serious
3 years ago
Joe Robinson says:
@keith138punk maybe should you not isolate yourself to Is this it, you'll find out what I mean? I used to think Is this it was their best album, but since have thought differently. It's ONLY their best commercially, and that means radio and media friendly songs, not BEST songs. You're getting confused.
4 years ago
Danny Walton says:
Such a great song by one of the greatest bands.... Awesome!!
1 year ago
Red Vega says:
fine. u want something better Croy? LOOK UP MOTLEY CRUE, VAN HALEN, AC/DC, OR THE VINYLS!
2 years ago
Patricia Sanchez says:
one of the best bands ever
2 years ago
SamsonOff7 says:
Actually I meant the quality of the video not the song, & the strokes were praised because they were so comercial, This is a very catchy song that could be used in a comercial, Their music didnt really cause ppl to think to much, Julian said it himself, he makes music that fits in a moment of your life... well something liike that I think. I might not have got it word 4 word.It might not even be what he said. but you can search it up if you want.
6 years ago
monkeyface3333 says:
first comment hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
2 years ago
Nuno Sina says:
One of the best musics ever made.
3 years ago
ScienceStudents says:
So bloody true

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