Music Video and Lyrics of Men Are All the Same by The Used

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Lyrics of On the Cross

We kill the faggots, we kill the lesbians,
I said goddammit we kill them all!

We were taught to kneel and bow our heads.
I tried simply standing up instead.
Heard rumors of transparent legs
And walks for days and days.

These days we reach for so much more
We reached the point where we can't go home.
Alone we wait here underground
Amidst the others waiting

So pray, then, if it makes you feel safe.
But all I can is we go our own way.
We go our own way.
So save us.

Who would guess you were the chosen one?
The right place, you were the firstborn son.
Once questioned stable state of mind
To spend some time in the gutter.

A full collapse and caving in
Just wait for faith to kick in
I lost track of time as i stood in line
Amidst the other believers.

So pray then, if it makes you feel safe
All I can say is we go are own way

So pray then, if it makes you feel safe
All I can say is we go are own way
We go are own way
So save us

Over and over and I still can not believe
We can't save ourselves
Give me a chance up on the cross and watch me bleed.
Now ask for help

Having faith in something you can't see
Takes something else
Over and over and i still can not believe
We can save ourselves

So pray that if it makes you feel safe
All I can say is we go are own way

So pray then, if it makes you feel safe
All I can say is we go are own way
Send your prayers our way
To save us

Kill 'em again cuz they didn't die hard enough

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Social Media Comments on On the Cross

10 months ago
Raul Martinez-lopez says:

1 year ago
SargentPudding says:
I was raised to believe that there is a "god." I've been a proud atheist for the past 15 years. 
1 year ago
ProfessorRJLupin says:
The Used are NOT homophobic! They've played at gay rights events before. The clip from the beginning is a speech from an Islamist called Khalid Muhammad, who IS homophobic. The Used put this clip at the beginning to make a point about how destructive and hateful religion can be. And they're absolutely right. If there was a God, He or She wouldn't allow people like Khalid Muhammad to make hateful speeches in His/Her/Its name. The Used are anti-religious, although they've got every good reason to considering that religious people were horrible to them growing up, and I don't know how you could believe in God if your life has been anywhere near as hard as Bert McCracken's.
1 year ago
Thomas Leseman says:
really? Lame...Hail Satan!....
3 years ago
reagan smash says:
LMFAO!! you say it like im supposed to be ashamed of it?!?! where you from dude? i hate niggers of all races...and yes even white ones like you. :)
4 years ago
XXmrsXXshadowsXX says:
@familyguyrocks1233 maybe bc they added it after they finished the album. I think Bert was trying to make a point.
3 years ago
CourageKeeper says:
@DyingMyDarling Or are they annoucing their choice come out?
5 years ago
Kevon Lyle says:
I'm a follower of Christ and a believer of the message of salvation...but I love how Bert has spoken honestly to the hypocrisy and unwavering proof that the Christian world is doing a poor job to witness and live what we speak. I don't think this song is in any way part of an agenda, it's just an example that "we" have failed to make a good reputation for ourselves.
4 years ago
AFCAUltra says:
@michelle027girl Its about not judging others for who/what they are.
5 years ago
NoRmAnDyWrEsTlEr says:
The used needs to come out with a new album soon
5 years ago
himynameisfluffy says:
its a speech by Dr. Khalid Abdul Muhammed. also known as the american black hitler. and the used, their music is more raw. they are making a point to people, so this speech is a good fit witht he song.
6 years ago
kynlifsstelpa says:
it's on my cd, .. in the end of watered down .. there's the beginning of this talking. do combine the songs :D
4 years ago
jennifer householder says:
"So pray then, if it makes you feel sane. All I can say, is we go our own way..." Believe what makes you feel right.
5 years ago
arbz salvador says:
is this song is about Jesus?
5 years ago
Chris Juneau says:
I wish I had the version with the spoken lyrics! I got mine from iTunes soon after it was released and haven't found any other version. This is one of the best songs on the best album of the 21st century.
3 years ago
Uszat89 says:
all hail the Megatron!
6 years ago
inapeanutbutterjar says:
What is with the beginning? That's not on mine and i don't think it's supposed to be there.
4 years ago
Shinpai No Tane says:
haha love this song!!!
5 years ago
theused801xx says:
@kynlifsstelpa yea i have it too. the cd was burned for me and i thought my friend just did a shit job. but then i got it on youtube and I relized it was supposed to be like tht lol xD
3 years ago
ProfessorRJLupin says:
I'm really sorry. I really midunderstood what you were saying. Thanks for your explaination; I understand what you're saying. I now know what you meant; you're not a racist at all, as it turns out. And yes, lots of black chicks are beautiful. Please forgive me for my comments, I haven't heard your reasoning.
5 years ago
squirrely91 says:
@ArbZ0022 its about faith in god and what im guessing is his opinon about? im not sure?
3 years ago
Malik Richardson says:
The chorus always sends chills down my spine :)
5 years ago
Merve Tulum says:
@JonathanBrownn is it free?
3 years ago
reagan smash says:
bert is an athiest. he was a mormon then went down the path of slammin meth. "sold his soul" to the devil and went anti-god. meth makes you do that alot..i went down the same path. this isnt about having faith in god...its about having faith in yourself and not believeing in "something you cant see" wich is a primary satanist belief. evil guy but good music...usually the way it goes
5 years ago
deefreely says:
"These days we reach for so much more.." Like what?

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